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We go deep on Bob Dylan for fans, fanatics, and freaks.

We started early in 2022 with the intention of celebrating and examining Bob Dylan’s Time Out Of Mind album in advance of its 25th Anniversary. We built a website, a stream of blog posts, held monthly events, interviewed nearly two-dozen experts (later released as a podcast series), launched a YouTube Channel built a bunch of Dylanology resources, and have been very active on Twitter and Instagram.

The 25th Anniversary of Time Out Of Mind has come and gone, and we’re taking what we’ve learned so far and building and expanding - first with more Bob Dylan and soon with coverage of other artists too.

What Is The FM Club?

We’re music freaks who think it should be easier - for fans, fanatics or freaks - to go deep on the artists and bands you love. To stay informed, to discover their work, and to connect with other fans.

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We share a lot of content for subscribers without any charge, but we’re working hard to deliver a quantity and quality of content that just can’t be done for free. So to make the economics work for ourselves and our creator partners — our best posts, extended podcasts, bonus episodes, complete weekly email, many videos, and more are for paid subscribers (we call them Premium Members).

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Dylan.FM Podcast and Videos

We’ve produced over 50 episodes of Dylan.FM so far, talking to insiders, authors, fans, musicians, and more. We did 28 episodes on Time Out Of Mind, a couple on Good As I Been To You and World Gone Wrong, a pile of Dylan Book Author interviews, and are now turning our attention to Dylan in the 80’s.

Our guests so far have included:

  • Time Out Of Mind Engineers Mark Howard and Michael Brauer

  • Authors Micheal Gray, Howard Sounes, Graley Herren, and others

  • Musicians Robyn Hitchcock, Wesley Stace, and Jeff Slate

  • Dylanologists Scott Warmuth, Ray Padgett, ReclinerNotes, and more

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There is a lot of info you want/need to know about Bob Dylan. But it can be hard to find, even with a search engine.

So we’re building a new database driven resource center, with info on articles, albums, podcasts, movies, events, videos, and much much. more. It lives in the “Resources” section of our old fashioned website. Some of it is public and free for everyone, but subscribers/members get access to all of it.

The FM Podcast Network

We’ve partnered with a bunch of other Dylan and Music Podcasts, to offer a bundle of great shows with Extended and Bonus Content. Paid members here get a free membership so you get the best of Pod Dylan, The Dylantantes, A Bob Dylan Primer and more too.

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Like most fan content, Freak Music Club has begun with a ton of volunteer effort. But we’re working towards being able to pay the many fans, creators, authors, and experts who contribute - so that they can afford to spend the huge time and effort it takes to create and share.

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Dylan.FM goes deep into the work of Bob Dylan. We focus each quarter on one album or period and do posts, podcasts, interviews, more. Plus we deliver a weekly Dylan news summary called 'Seven Days'.


The FM Club

We're a place for serious music fans to go deep. We've been focused on Bob Dylan - but plan to cover more artists soon. There are posts, podcasts, video interviews, events, and tons of social posts. Our Premium members get more of all of those.